A Hierarchy Control Stategy of Distributed Generation with Power Electronic Grid Interface

W. Sinsukthavorn, E. Ortjohann, M. Lingemann, S. Jaloudi, P. Wirasanti (Germany), and D. Morton (UK)


Distributed Generation, Hierarchy Control, Droop Control Function and Distributed Energy Resources.


As distributed generation (DG) technologies are becoming potential contributors of electricity supplied by electric utilities, an efficient grid integration strategy is necessary to interconnect the DG to conventional power systems and to improve the power quality and reliability (PQR). DG needs to be enabled to actively participate in control of grid voltage and frequency. Therefore, the main task of the interconnected system is to control and maintain grid frequency and voltage of the power system in an acceptable range. This task has been presently operated using synchronous generators in interconnected power systems. Consequently, the control strategy of the conventional power systems can be adapted to DG through their interface units to the grid, namely the inverters. This paper presents an adaptable and flexible control strategy for power electronic grid interface based DG. The inverter is the primary interface unit between the energy source and the grid. The proposed control strategy can be a basic principle strategy to implement the DG into existing conventional power systems.

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