Trust-based Packet Transfer in Wireless Sensor Networks

Y.B. Reddy and R. Selmic (USA)


Wireless sensor networks, cooperative approach, repeated games, trust-based systems, secure transfer of data.


The data transfer from source to sink in wireless sensor networks is done in a cooperative way. Trust is assumed between the sensor nodes unconditionally to transfer the data packets. If one sensor node or group of sensor nodes fails to transfer the data between source to destination, then partial or complete data packets will be lost. Therefore, it is necessary that the nodes in the path be trust worthy, independent, and cooperative. Cooperative means that the neighbor nodes must share the data related to communication security of the data path. In this paper we use the repeated game models for efficient transfer of the data packets and cooperative effort of nodes to judge the trust of an immediate node in the data path. The preliminary results conclude that the cooperative effort helps to transfer the data more safely compared to forwarding the data blindly to the destination (base station).

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