Distributed Authenticated B+-Tree* for P2P Storage

J. Xu, B. Zhang, J. Liu, and F. Li (PR China)


Authenticated Data Structures; P2P Storage; Distributed Authenticated B+ -Tree;


The traditional authenticated data structures can solve the problem of the data authentication in the centralized environment, but it doesn’t suit the distributed environment. Though the distributed merkle tree (DMT) could settle the distributed data authenticated problem to some extent, it also faces the problem of high cost. We present the distributed authenticated B+ tree (DABT) scheme, which is based on the existing distributed data authenticated scheme. Both the design ideas and the implementation algorithms which include the query path generating algorithm, the data object verification algorithm; the data object insertion and deletion algorithm are presented in this paper. In addition, we analyze the data storage, authentication, communication, and calculation cost of DABT, and compare it with the distributed merkle tree. The result indicates that DABT scheme performs better than the DMT.

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