Knowledge Base-Centric Customization Approach for Different Software Product Lines

X. Lu, J. Yin, Y. Yin, S. Deng, and S. Luo (PR China)


software product line, rule-based, knowledge base, customization


In this paper, a knowledge base centric customization approach for different software product lines (SPLs) is introduced. The proposed approach has two main phases: a) knowledge base centric domain engineering; and b) a common rule engine based customization for different SPLs. The original contribution of this paper is the introduction of the universal rule-based presentation and customization for different SPLs. Through this way we can greatly simply the development task of a SPL. Since we only need to create a rule-based knowledge base for the target domain during domain engineering and all the task of application engineering can leave to the common rule engine based customizer.

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