An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Skein Hash Functions

K. Atighehchi, A. Enache, T. Muntean, and G. Riserucci (France)


Skein, SHA-3, parallel cryptographic algorithms, secure communicating systems.


Recently, cryptanalysts have found collisions on the MD4, MD5, and SHA-0 algorithms; moreover, a method for find ing SHA1 collisions with less than the expected calculus complexity has been published. The NIST [1] has thus de cided to develop a new hash algorithm, so called SHA-3, which will be developed through a public competition [3]. From the set of accepted proposals for the further steps of the competition, we have decided to explore the design of an efficient parallel algorithm for the Skein [12] hash func tion family. The main reason for designing such an algo rithm is to obtain optimal performances when dealing with critical applications which require efficiently tuned imple mentations on multi-core target processors. This prelimi nary work presents one of the first parallel implementation and associated performance evaluation of Skein available in the literature. To parallelize Skein we have used the tree hash mode in which we create one virtual thread for each node of the tree.

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