Lower Overhead Location Advertisement in Mobile Wireless Multihop Networks

R. Oneda and H. Higaki (Japan)


Ad-hoc Networks, Location-Based Routing, Location Advertisement, Location Information Management, Wireless Multihop Transmission.


In routing protocols for wireless multihop networks such as GEDIR, COMPASS and GPSR, each intermediate node determines its next-hop node for each data message inde pendently. These protocols are highly applicable to highly mobile wireless networks. For determination of the next hop node, the location information of the destination node is required by each intermediate node. In DREAM, each wireless node keeps location information of all the wireless nodes. For lower communication overhead, control mes sages with the up-to-date location information are transmit ted only to neighbor nodes. This paper proposes a novel ad vertising method ABLA of the location information where the distribution area is determined not only by the distance but also the direction to the node. It is expected that the required communication overhead is reduced though the reachability of data messages is kept high. In addition, due to occasional wide-spread advertisement caused by au tonomous decision of distribution in each node, multihop transmission routes are modiļ¬ed to be shorter.

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