Cross Domain QoS Mapping between WMN and Fixed Topology for End-to-End QoS Guarantee

H. Jabeen, M.u. Rehman, and M. Bano (Pakistan)


Wireless mesh networks, Quality of Service, fixed topology, algorithms for heterogeneous system.


Wireless Mesh Network is a communication network made up of radio nodes organized in a mesh topology. It is expected that WMN to have the ability to support the new generation of streaming-media applications. We propose a time slot scheduling mechanism to provide end to-end QoS guarantee to real time flows having destination in fixed topology. Our proposed mechanism reserves a time slot for forwarding of real time flows through WMN and also at gateway. Gateway then forwards packets according to specification of real time flows in fixed topology network. This is an efficient technique that increases throughput of real time flows continue for longer period of time. Gateway and final destination receive more real time packets in the same time. When pause time increases and load of best effort traffic increases, throughput of real time packets does not affected so much by more load best effort traffic and thus quality of real time transmission is improved.

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