Low Overhead Multicast Routing Protocol in MANETs with Uni-Directional Links

K. Suzuki and H. Higaki (Japan)


MANET, Wireless Multihop Transmission, Multicast Communication, Uni-Directional Wireless Links, Joining/Leaving Protocol.


In order to configure a multicast tree in a MANET (Mo bile Ad-Hoc Network), each additional destination mobile computer transmits a joining request control message to one of the mobile computers already included in the tree. In case that the MANET consists of uni-directional (asym metric) wireless links, a multihop transmission route along which the request control message is transmitted is not al ways available for data message transmission. In addition, in order for a destination mobile computer to leave from the multicast tree, the leaving request is also impossible to be transmitted along the tree. This paper proposes a novel multicast tree joining / leaving protocol which is an extension of LBSR, a unicast routing protocol supporting MANETs with uni-directional links. Here, control mes sages for joining / leaving are transmitted along a local looped route.

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