Estimation of Ad-Hoc Network Topology based on Neighbor Relations among Wireless Nodes

K. Itoh and H. Higaki (Japan)


Wireless Multihop Network, Topology Estimation, Location Information, Wireless Communication.


In order to estimate locations of wireless nodes without GPS devises, various methods to estimate the absolute lo cations with help of some wireless nodes whose locations have already been determined. However, since locations of wireless nodes are estimated independently of the other nodes, the estimated locations do not keep neighbor rela tion among them. This paper proposes a novel method to achieve the relative locations of wireless nodes only based on sets of neighbor wireless nodes of all the wireless nodes achieved by exchanges of beacon messages with their node IDs. Here, the wireless nodes are assumed to be located on a line, i.e. 1-demensional estimation. By replacing wireless nodes among which their relative locations are not deter mined only by the sets of neighbor wireless nodes with an aggregate wireless node, the relative locations among the aggregate wireless nodes are determined with less compu tational complexity than the naive method.

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