Three-Dimensional Surface Texture Synthesis based on Hybrid Genetic and Simulated Annealing Algorithms

J. Dong, Y. Fang, J. Guo (PRC), and G. McGunnigle (Austria)


Photometric Stereo, Genetic Algorithm (GA), Simulated Annealing Algorithm


Wang tile-based texture synthesis methods can use tiles extracted from the sample texture to create large nonperiodic texture efficiently. However, these methods often produce rhombic seams in the tiles. We present a hybrid approach based on genetic and simulated annealing algorithms for texture synthesis. First, we introduce the Simulated Annealing Algorithm to compensate the Genetic Algorithm’s weak ability in search of local optimization. Secondly, we extend the method to be able to use the sets of 3D surface texture representations as input, and we relight these representations to generate visual textures under different illumination conditions. Experimental results show this approach can produce visually plausible textures without rhombic seams.

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