Plant Leaf Generation with Positional Information Parameters

C. Kalyoncu and E. Celebi (Turkey)


I.3.3 [Computer Graphics]: Picture and Image GenerationI.3.5 [Computer Graphics]: Computational Geometry andObject Modeling, I.3.6 [Computer Graphics]: Graphicsdata structures and data structures.


In this study we have proposed a new model that allows to generate leaf images from a set of user defined parameters where those parameters are specified by curves. In this model a leaf is constructed from a set of vein levels (branches). Additionally we have proposed a method to generate concave and convex shapes from two B├ęzier curves, where those shapes are used to compose the leaf. There are many studies in the literature that include models of the plants and their leaves together with curves; however, we have focused on generating more detailed leaves with many forms in this study. The novelty of our model comes from the selected parameters and level based approach that are used to generate a leaf. We have developed a user friendly graphical user interface that allows to design leaves easily with simple and intuitive parameters. Those parameters are specified, so that most of the leaf shapes in the nature can be modeled. The model is based on positional information system where graphical methods are used to generate the leaf. The resultant leaf images can either be used as texture on a plant modeling or in a tree generation tool. We have demonstrated a sample leaf which is produced by our application and mapped on a virtual tree at the end of this paper.

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