Constraint based Tutor Generator for Intelligent Tutoring System

M. Siddappa, A.S. Manjunath, and H.V. Ramakrishna (India)


TG, ITS, Paradigm


The emergence of Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) has opened up new avenues for the use of computers in the field of education. ITSs are able to tackle difficult instructional problems and extend the usefulness of the computer as an instructional tool. Intelligent Tutoring Systems have proved useful in various domains, but are highly resource intensive to build, the “tutor generators” for assisting users in building ITSs conforming to two prominent intelligent tutoring paradigms: model-tracing and constraint-based. This paper presents design of a software tool called Tutor Generators (TG) for ITS. It is observed that it was easier to build a generic ITS generator based on the constraint-based paradigm, but the tutor generator based on the model tracing paradigm is more feature rich. It can generate applications with rich user interaction and powerful theory based remediation capabilities.

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