Correlated Data Collection through using Local Sink in Geographic Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks

E. Lee, S. Park, M.-S. Jin, T. Kim, H. Park, and S.-H. Kim (Korea)


Sensor networks, Geographic routing, Data collection andaggregation, Global sink, and Local sink


In this paper, we address issues about collection and aggregation of data generated from the sources in a local and adjacent region in geographic routing for wireless sensor networks. We first introduce the concept of a local sink which is a sensor node in the region and is temporarily selected by the global sink for collecting and aggregating data from source nodes in the region and delivering the aggregated data to the global sink, in geographic routing. We next design a model to determine an optimal location of the local sink and propose a mechanism to collect data through the local sink. Simulation results show that the proposed mechanism with the local sink is more efficient in terms of the energy and the data delivery ratio than the existing mechanism in a geographic routing.

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