Conventional Sliding Mode Control of Magnetic Levitation Systems

H. Allamehzadeh (USA)


Variable Structure, Robust Control, Magnetic Levitation


In this paper, variable structure control with sliding mode is explained briefly. Then, the classical sliding mode control of a special class of nonlinear systems is discussed. To force all trajectories of a system toward a sliding plane, various reaching laws with their advantages and disadvantages are reviewed and explained. The characteristic of Magnetic Levitation System is explained and a nonlinear model for magnetic levitation system (MLS) is proposed. To determine the parameters of the proposed model, we constructed a prototype of MLS in the laboratory and conducted several experiments to collect the data on the system variables. Using MATLAB software, the collected data was used to develop a nonlinear polynomial-base model for MLS and to determine its parameters. The Sliding Mode Control (SMC) with various reaching laws was applied to MLS with various initial conditions and nominal points. Finally, the performance of each class of sliding mode controllers was evaluated.

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