Supervisory Control of Real-Time Discrete Event Systems under Partial Observation

L. Oudraogo, A. Khoumsi, and M. Nourelfath (Canada)


supervisory control, real-time, discrete event systems, par tial observation, timed automata.


In this paper, we address the issue of synthesizing an opti mal supervisor for real-time discrete event systems mod eled by timed automata and under partial observation. Our approach is based on a method of transformation of timed automata into particular finite state automata called Set-Exp-Automata. That is, given the timed automata of the plant and the specification, we construct two Set-Exp Automata from which we compute the supervisor. Our ap proach provides a systematic method to synthesize a cor rect supervisor for a plant and a specification modeled by timed automata and under partial observation of events.

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