Digital Redesign based on Diophantine Equation with Assured Integral Control and Stability

T. Kashimura and N. Hori (Japan)


Digital Control. Integral Control. Diophantine Equation, Roll-Attitude Control.


A technique is proposed for incorporating an integrator in a digital control system that is redesigned using a Diophantine equation from an analog control system, which may or may not include an integrator. This is achieved by arranging an Eliminant matrix of the plant so that a certain constraint is imposed on the resulting control system without tampering its internal stability for non-pathological control rates. Experiments are carried out for roll-angle control of a miniature airborne mechanism, which require good disturbance rejection properties, to show that the proposed digital control system has good step-tracking and step-disturbance rejection performances even with a low control rate at which the widely used Tustin’s control system yields unsatisfactory results.

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