HAMMI: Intelligent Robot of Assistance to People with Motor Disabilities

S. Rubrecht, R. Bouzid, N. Mechbal, D. Bellot, and M. Verg (France)


Articulated vehicles, linearization, mobile robots, nonlinear control, path tracking, handicapped persons.


We introduce HAMMI, a new robot designed to help the handicapped persons and to increase their autonomy. HAMMI main function is to push a large variety of commercial manual wheelchairs thus constituting a tractor-trailer-like vehicle driving backward. With small modification on the wheelchair, this autonomous robot can, in an indoor configuration bring handicapped person to the desired place. In this paper we describe the design of a first prototype of HAMMI. We also present and simulate a specific path planning and tracking algorithms when HAMMI is hitched to a wheelchair. The problem of off-Axle hitching control is also addressed.

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