Joint TOA/DOA based Geolocation System for Social Safety Robots

S. Kim, N.Y. Kim, J. Kang, G.-W. Kim, S.-M. Lee, and K.-T. Nam (Korea)


TOA, DOA, Location system, multiple signal classification (MUSIC), MMSE


In this paper, we propose an efficient twodimensional geo-location system for social safety robots, where its location is obtained by direction of arrival (DOA) and time of arrival (TOA) of the radio signal of IEEE 802.11a. The proposed system requires only two reference signals while the conventional systems generally deploy more than three reference signals. For estimating TOA and DOA information together, we employ a multiple signal classification (MUSIC) algorithm. The simulation results show that the proposed geo-location system achieves accuracy within 3 meters error in 2 kilo-meters coverage generally required for mobile social safety robots.

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