A Micro Assembly Machine for Mechanical Assembly

F. Yang, T. Kong, D.L. Zhang, and R. Du (PRC)


Micro-assembly, micro gripper, linear motor, motion control, vision-based feedback.


This paper introduces a new micro assembly machine, which consists of a flexible micro gripper, a XY table driven by linear motors, a high precision motion control system and a microscopic vision system. The micro gripper, which has a dexterous mechanical structure to control the assembly forces, utilizes liquid surface tension to grasp assembled components. The XY table is driven linear motors and has a high accuracy of 1 ~ 2 μm. The operation of the system is controlled by an industrial computer through a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The assembly operation is guided by the microscopic vision system. Based on the experiments, the micro assembly machine is accurate, reliable and cost effective.

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