Software PLL for the Phase Angle Detection of the Power Generated using Wind Energy System

H.M. Godah, A. Ammar, and M. El-Bakry (Egypt)


Software phase locked loop (SPLL), Phase angle detection, Wind energy conversion system.


Phase angle monitoring, tracking and control are necessary when integrating more than one electrical power generating systems as one main energy source, e.g. integrating multi wind energy sources and / or PV energy system and / or fuel generation with the main utility-grid. In wind energy power generation system, the generator output frequency changes according to the wind speed variations. If the generator power is feeding a controlled rectifier, the phase angle must be detected. This paper introduces a software phase locked loop (SPLL) implemented by a digital signal processor (DSP TMS320F240) for detecting the phase angle and controlling the switching instances of a 3-phase controlled rectifier. The SPLL is implemented using the dq components in the synchronous reference frame of the 3 phase generator voltage. Simulation and experimental results show that the controlled rectifier output voltage is constant for a wide range of wind speed variations.

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