Robust Fault-Tolerant Tracking Control with Application to Flight Control Systems with Uncertainties

S. Ye (PRC, Canada), Y. Zhang (Canada), Y. Li, X. Wang (PRC), and C.-A. Rabbath (Canada)


Actuator faults, linear matrix inequality (LMI), fault tolerant control, robust control, tracking, uncertainties


This paper proposes an iterative LMI scheme for robust fault-tolerant tracking controller design of uncertain linear systems against actuator faults. A sufficient condition is derived for the proposed controller to not only stabilize the controlled uncertain system but also satisfy a H∞ norm bound. Using the iterative LMI scheme, the tracking performance of the closed-loop system is optimized without conservativeness in the normal case and the outputs in fault cases can asymptotically track the outputs under system normal operating condition and with actuator constraints. Simulation results through a nonlinear ADMIRE model show the effectiveness of the proposed iterative LMI method.

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