Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of an Impedance Controlled Robot Interacting with a Real Environment

P. Hamelin, P. Bigras, S. Lemieux, and M. Blain (Canada)


Robots, hardware-in-the-loop, simulation, impedance, direct-drive.


This article presents the hardware-in-the-loop simulation of an impedance controlled robot interacting with a real stiff environment. The hardware part is composed of a real direct-drive robot and its environment. The hardware in-the-loop controller aims to command the real robot in order to replicate the virtual robot dynamics. Therefore, the latter will virtually acts on the real environment. The differential-algebraic equations model of the virtual robot is used for simulation, i.e. a rheonomic constraint is applied. Experimental results of the hardware-in-the-loop simulation are compared to pure simulation. It’s shown that the position and force error are in acceptable range and therefore the real robot can reproduce the virtual robot dynamic.

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