Stabilizing a Multifrequency Four Rotors Helicopter Prototype using PD Controllers

J. Toledo, L. Acosta, M. Sigut, and J. Felipe (Spain)


Multifrequency systems, lifting methodology, local-global control.


A four rotors helicopter prototype has been constructed with the aim of studying different control strategies for the helicopter stabilization. The prototype is provided with different types of sensors for determining its position and orientation. Some of these sensors can update their measurements very quickly but they are not accurate enough. On the contrary, the other kind of sensors the prototype incorporates are slower but more precise. Consequently, the data coming from the two types of devices is necessary in order to keep the system stable. Then, the prototype converts into a multifrequency system. In this paper, an analytical procedure that predicts the helicopter stability is presented. Such procedure is based on the lifting methodology. The results obtained analiytically with PD controllers are corroborated by the experimental results obtained with the prototype.

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