Digital PWM-PIM Control of a Rotational Mechanism using Airjet Thrusters

T. Suzuki, N. Hori (Japan), and C.A. Rabbath (Canada)


Digital Control. Linear Control. Pulse-Width-Modulation. On-Off Thrusters.


This paper proposes a new digital on-off control approach that combines a Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) scheme and a Plant-Input-Mapping (PIM) digital redesign method. Unlike most PWM-based methods, a low frequency PWM is based on the Principle of Equivalent Areas, which enables an engineer to use linear techniques in designing an analog control system. To discretize the analog controller using a slow sampling rate, the PIM method is used. The proposed method is applied to a single-axis rotational system, which has flexible appendages and is actuated by air-jet thrusters. Experiments show that the performance of the combined PWM and PIM controller is reasonably close to that of the analog controller under servo actuation, and is much better that that of the PWM and the conventional Tustin discretization.

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