Wireless Communications for Robotic Applications in Manufacturing Environment

R. Zadeh, I. Mantegh, and C. Perron (Canada)


Wireless robot control, wireless automation, aerospace manufacturing, electromagnetic interference, EMI.


This paper presents a wireless communication system developed for robot programming and monitoring at the Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Center (AMTC) of the National Research Council Canada (NRC). A brief introduction to the problem and current wireless control systems is presented. The technical limits and parameters of interfacing with a typical robot controller have been simulated and tested and a wireless communication system is designed. The maximum range of communications is 16m between a PC client and the robotic controller. Tests are conducted, each complying with requirements such as complexities of the robotic task, speed, mobility of the remote PC, software parameters, and the signal transmission rate. The next phase of the project elaborates on the Electromagnetic Inference (EMI) issues that are common in a manufacturing environment. The EMI noise is measured and analyzed.

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