Capacity Evaluation of Multi-Service W-CDMA: A Spectral Analysis Approach

A. Kobbane, R. Elazouzi, K. Ibrahimi (France), and E.H. Bouyakhf (Morocco)


Spectral analysis, CAC, WCDMA, Geometric matrix.


1 We study the capacity of a multi-service WCDMA technol ogy. We consider two types of calls: real time calls (RT) and non-real time calls as Best effort (BE). The first type of calls is characterized by a quasi static transmission rate. In this paper we develop an approach based on spectral anal ysis for assessing the cell capacity. We obtain explicitly the simultaneous distribution of number of RT connections and the number of BE connections in the steady-state. This analysis allow us to simplify the computation of blocking probability of the RT as well as the performance measures including expected delay and throughput. By calculating the blocking probability of BE cell, we further propose some CAC policies for BE traffic.

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