Integration of Multimedia Design Technics in 3D Environment

B. Buttarazzi and G. Urraci (Italy)


Virtual reality, digital models, 3D graphic, interactivity, multimedia, animation.


The interactive visualization of 3D objects has revolutionized such fields as engineering, medicine, entertainment and education. In fact there are a broad range of applications including CAD, visual simulation and multimedia presentations where 3D model are used to give virtual world more realistic detail [1],[2]. In this scenario the standard description languages created by the Web3D consortium are VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) and X3D (eXtensible 3D) the successor to the VRML, based on XML (the universal Web interchange format). In this paper we refer to X3D (the most promising standard) focusing on the integration of multimedia design techniques in 3D virtual world. As an application of multimedia integration is presented VBP an interactive and enjoyable web site about the Borghese Palace of Artena, a nice little town near Rome.

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