Economical Aspects of Electrical Energy Supply Reliability in Industry

L. Prokop, Z. Hradílek, and Z. Medvec (Czech Republic)


Outage costs, Energy not Supply, Function of damages


In this article, results of the analysis of structure and amount of costs due to power supply interruptions are presented. At present, many possibilities of classifying, separating, or evaluating damages related exist; to the most common, possibilities given below belong. In the first case, these damages can be divided into the damages that are suffered by power suppliers and the damages that are suffered by power customers. Another possibility is the division into damages occurring immediately (directly) after power supply interruptions and damages occurring only after certain time (indirect) periods after power supply interruptions. With reference to the variety of industries, in each branch of industry specific types of damages typical of this branch exist. For simplicity, the damages that occur on the side of suppliers can be expressed as the sum of loss due to unsold power and costs of power supply restoration. On the other hand, the damages on the side of power customers must be analyzed in more detail owing to specifics of individual branches of industry. In this article, merely results of the analysis of damages suffered by customers are presented.

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