Contact Stress Analysis of Cemented Acetabular Implant

J. Jíra, J. Vyčichl, J. Jírová, A. Sosna, and D. Pokorný (Czech Republic)


Acetabular implant, cement – bone contact, CT


The paper deals with contact stress analysis of pelvic bone after implantation of cemented acetabular component with imperfections of cemented layer. 3D high resolution FE model of pelvic bone was created from the sequence of Computer Tomography (CT) slices. The magnitude and character of the contact stress distribution in subchondral bone depends on the type of imperfections in cement layer. Several openings are often drilled into the bone to improve the fixation of the cemented acetabular cup into the pelvic bone. Boolean operations were used for inserting the spherical cemented acetabular implant. Two contacts were defined in the FE model. The first contact is defined between the cement layer and the pelvic bone and the second one is between the cement layer and the polyethylene cup. The model was loaded by quasistatic joint forces, representing the maximum value of stance phase of gait. The FE model was used to ascertain the contact stress conditions in the underlying subchondral bone.

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