Movie-based Matrix Computing

D.A. Vazhenin and A.P. Vazhenin (Japan)


Multimedia Information Systems, Visual Programming, Movie-based Representation of Methods and Information Processes, Matrix Computations


In the presented work, we discuss the Movie-Based approach to design and represent of matrix algorithms including a lot of identical operations on matrix elements. These operations usually transform an initial matrix structure into a matrix with a given structure. Therefore, it is possible to represent a matrix algorithm as a series of frames or iterations reflecting the stages of this process. In other words, this is a series of matrix data representations. The key-point of this approach is the presence of special multimedia movie-program objects (MP-objects) having possibility to generate an executable code as well as produce movie frames, which are adequate to the code generated. Both movie and program can synchronously be generated and debugged. The important feature of the debugging process discussed is that debugging operations can be implemented in any stage of the movie/program design. Some examples are shown of typical matrix algorithms.

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