DGP: A Dynamic Group Polling MAC Protocol for Ethernet Passive Optical Networks

H.-I. Liu and R.-H. Kao (Taiwan)


WDM, TDM networks, QoS, Tuning latency.


An Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON), combining low-cost point-to-multipoint fiber infrastructure with Ethernet, is an emerging access network architecture. This paper presents a dynamic group polling media access control (MAC) protocol for an EPON. For heavy traffic load, conventional polling scheme obtains a high throughput; however, for light traffic load, conventional polling scheme wastes polling/reply time and obtains a longer access delay since most polls obtain negative replies and therefore waste bandwidth and enlarge delay. In this paper, we compromise the above conditions and propose a group-polling scheme for media access control in an EPON. The performance of the proposed MAC protocol is evaluated through simulations. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme significantly improve mean packet delay and reduce average queue size.

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