Public Domain P2P File Sharing Networks Content and Their Evolution

J. Lloret, J.R. Diaz, J.M. Jiménez, and M. Esteve (Spain)


Peer-to-Peer networks, File sharing networks, Evolution.


Since the appearance of Peer-To-Peer file sharing networks a few years ago, many Internet users have chosen this technology to search programs, films, songs, documents, etc. In this article, six public P2P networks (Gnutella, FastTrack, Opennap, Edonkey, MP2P and Soulseek) have been analyzed. We have tracked their evolution in terms of connected users, number of shared files and total amount of data shared inside of them for two years. The results are compared and discussed with previous measurements taken by other authors in order to show their evolution. We have measured their type of content and we have checked that those analyzed P2P networks seems to be specialized in different type of files.

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