An Efficient Solution to Packet Loss: Erasure Correcting Codes

J. Cai, C. Tjhai, M. Tomlinson, M. Ambroze, and M. Ahmed (UK)


Erasure correcting codes, network congestion, multicast and broadcast


This paper investigates decoding of binary linear block codes over the binary erasure channel (BEC). Of the cur rent iterative decoding algorithms on this channel, we re view the Recovery Algorithm and the Guess Algorithm. We then present a Multi-Guess Algorithm extended from the Guess Algorithm and a new algorithm – the In-place Algorithm. The Multi-Guess Algorithm can push the limit to break the stopping sets. However, the performance of the Guess and the Multi-Guess Algorithm depend on the parity-check matrix of the code. Simulations show that we can decrease the frame error rate by several orders of mag nitude using the Guess and the Multi-Guess Algorithms when the parity-check matrix of the code is sparse. The In-place Algorithm can obtain better performance even if the parity check matrix is dense. We consider the applica tion of these algorithms in the implementation of multicast and broadcast techniques on the Internet. Using these algo rithms, a user does not have to wait until the entire trans mission has been received.

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