Analysis of Channel Estimation Errors in Frequency-Domain Precoding for Multicarrier Systems

F.J. Simois and J.I. Acha (Spain)


Telecommunication Technology, OFDM Technology, Linear Precoding, Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line.


Discrete multitone (DMT) systems need the introduction of a guard interval, known as cyclic prefix (CP), to avoid intersymbol interference (ISI) and interchannel interference (ICI). Unfortunately, this prefix produces a decrease in the achievable bandwidth efficiency, as well as an increase in the latency. To overcome the problem, in [5] it was presented a linear precoder that adds memory in the frequency domain, avoiding the need of a guard time. In this paper, we will explore the behavior of the precoder when the exact CIR is not available, that is, when there is a mismatch in the channel coefficients estimation. It is shown that the dependence on the CIR mismatch is nearly the same in both a DMT system with CP and with precoder, provided the channel is minimum-phase. Particularly, the good performance in an ADSL system is shown.

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