A Block Code for Minimization of the PAPR of OFDM Signals

S.G. Kang, H.S. Lee, and J.G. Kim (Korea)


Wireless communications, Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, Peak-to-average power ratio, Selective mapping, Block codes, Peak envelope power.


Design criteria for a block code which guarantees minimized PAPR of the OFDM signals are proposed in this paper. We show theoretically that peak envelope power of the modulated OFDM signals is invariant to the circular shift of register elements and the codeword inversion. And an encoding rule for the minimum PAPR codes composed of searching a seed codeword, shifting the register elements, and determining codeword inversion is also presented. The simulation results show that OFDM system with the proposed codes always has the minimum PAPR of the transmitted signals. Since the proposed encoding rule encodes the source data automatically, a look-up table for one-to-one mapping of the source and the coded binary sequence is not necessary. In addition, the rule can be applied to design a multilevel code for expansion of the signal mapper.

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