On the Performance of Some Coding Schemes over Rayleigh Fading Multipath Channel in CDMA-based Cellular Systems

F. Elbouanani and M. Belkasmi (Morocco)


Performance, capacity, CDMA, concatenated coding, con volutional code, turbo code, interleaving.


In this paper, a comparison of some coding schemes of rate 0:4 over a Rayleigh fading multipath channel in CDMA systems are given. The rst coding scheme employs outer Reed-Solomon codes (RS) concatenated with inner NASA convolutional code proposed for CODIT system [1]. The second scheme employs a punctured convolutional code of rate 2 5 , and the third scheme is a punctured turbo code of the same rate. The performance of the three schemes are analysed, and the single-cell CDMA capacity is computed.

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