The Digital Restyling of Audiobooks

L. Egidi and M. Furini (Italy)


Multimedia over Wireless, Multimedia Communications, Multimedia Applications, Music Distribution


Portable devices and wireless connections are creating a new scenario where digital information are massively en tering our life. Such a scenario is craving for new applica tions and, in the meanwhile, several applications are simply re-written for the mobile scenario (we can check e–mail, browse the web, play games, etc.). In this paper we pro pose a mechanism to adapt a classical digital audiobook application to the new mobile scenario. Our proposal in troduces, into a digital audiobook, multimedia objects (im ages and text) synchronized with the audio. The proposed mechanism does not modify the digital file structure and can be protected against piracy. With our mechanism, an audiobook is no longer a simple audio representation of a written book, but a different, complete multimedia product. The mechanism is shown to be effective through a modified audiobook player.

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