3D Microwave Modelling in Arbitrary Geometry

F. Assous (Israel)


Modelling and Simulation Methods, Numerical Methods, Finite element methods


The numerical modelling in plasma physics as well as in microwave devices or accelarator technology, requires highly accurate charged particle beam simulations, which have to be in particular well adapted to the geometrical complexity of real devices. Moreover, in order to be able to select between several issues in the design of high power microwave devices, we were led to prospect new tech niques to numerically approach realistic 3-D geometries. In order to take into account the 3-D effects, we have investi gated a numerical method for solving the 3-D time depen dent Vlasov-Maxwell equations on unstructured meshes, based on a conforming finite element formulation. We present some numerical results obtained on 3-D devices.

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