Performance Evaluation of SAW Devices by Simulation

M.Z. Atashbar, B.J. Bazuin, and S. Krishnamurthy


SAW, passive sensing, Interdigital transducer, grating, transmission line, transmission matrix, equivalent circuit


Surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices have been used since the early 1990s as critical components in many radio frequency (RF) transmitters and receivers due to their small size, efficient operation, and excellent performance characteristics. In today’s wireless applications, the number of passive SAW components used is on the increase. SAW devices are being used in mobile phones and wireless devices as RF resonator filters, intermediate frequency filters, and local oscillators. In addition, SAW devices have recently been defined and used for sensing various measurands, including gases, liquids, ice, and mechanical vibrations. Because SAW devices are so widely used, it is desirable to evaluate the device prior to fabrication, especially in cases where the devices’ material and dimensions have a major influence on the performance of the overall system. In this article the authors present the frequency response simulation of SAW devices using MATLAB™. Both equivalent circuit and transmission matrices model have been simulated for three different types of SAW devices: a delay line, a one-port resonator, and a two-port resonator. The results obtained are presented along with the design parameters and models used in the simulations.

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