Intelligent Agents for the Simulation of Competitve Electricity Markets

I. Praça, C. Ramos, Z. Vale, and M. Cordeiro


Agent-based simulation, competitive electricity markets, decision support


This article presents work on applying multi-agent simulation to analyze competitive electricity markets and to give decision support to the involved entities. A multi-agent model is defined, where agents represent real entities from electricity markets. The agents have strategies to define their market price based on their previous results and market objectives. A prototype of the proposed architecture is developed, and some simulation examples are presented to better illustrate its features. Some conclusions about the advantages and drawbacks of our approach are obtained, and future developments to improve our system are proposed. Some of the most relevant features of our work are the possibility of simulating several different types of electricity markets mechanisms, the comparison of these mechanisms, and the strategic behaviour of agents to give the user decision support ability.

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