A Novel Mathematical Modelling of Induction Generator for Reactive Power Control of Isolated Hybrid Power Systems

R.C. Bansal, T.S. Bhatti, and D.P. Kothari


Mathematical modelling of induction generator, isolated system,static VAR compensator


This article considers automatic reactive power control of an isolated wind-diesel hybrid power system having an induction generator as a power conversion device for wind power generation. The mathematical model of induction generator and complete system using reactive power flow equations is developed. The dynamic voltage stability evaluation is based on small-signal analysis considering a typical Static VAR Compensator (SVC) and IEEE type-I excitation system. It is shown that a variable reactive power source like SVC is necessary to meet the varying demand of reactive power by induction generator and load and to obtain very good voltage regulation of the system with minimum fluctuations. Integral square error (ISE) criterion is used to evaluate the optimum setting of gain parameters. Finally, the dynamic responses of the power systems considered with optimum gain setting are presented.

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