Modelling Work-Roll Temperature Variations in Hot Strip Rolling

S. Sera jzadeh and A. Karimi Taheri


Hot rolling, work-roll, temperature distribution, modelling


Prediction of temperature distribution within work-rolls during the hot strip rolling process is of great importance to mill designers because of the significant role it plays in the product’s dimensional accuracy and roll life. The present article employs the unsteady state heat transfer equation with time-dependent boundary conditions, as well as a two-dimensional finite element method, to determine work-roll temperature variations during continuous hot strip rolling. To achieve an accurate temperature field, the authors consider the effects of different factors, including work-roll and metal thermal relationship, idling work-roll revolutions, and the effects of various process parameters such as rolling speed, interface heat transfer coefficient, and the amount of thickness reduction at each deformation pass. A comparison of the predicted and published experimental results shows the validity of the mathematical model.

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