A Down-Conversion Mixer for ZIF Receiver with Variable Linear dB Conversion Gain

D. Feng and B. Shi (PRC)


CMOS integrated circuits, gain control, ladder circuits, mixer noise, mixers, wireless LAN


A down-conversion mixer for ZIF receiver is described. It is designed for use in 2.4-GHz wireless LAN receivers. To relax the tradeoff between noise and linearity two stage configuration is used. To calibrate amplitude mismatch between I- and Q-channel modified R-2R ladder is used as load resistor network to provide variable linear dB conversion gain in steps of 1 dB. The variable range of conversion gain is 12 dB. The S11 of the RF port is 29.4 dB. The mixer achieves IIP2 and IIP3 values of 62.85 and -9.7 dBm, respectively. The mixer draws 3.8 mA from a single 2.7 V power supply.

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