Java Performance in Finite Element Computations

G.P. Nikishkov (Japan)


Finite Element Methods, Java-based Simulation, Performance, Tuning


The performance of the developed Java finite element code is compared to that of the C finite element code on the so lution of three-dimensional elasticity problems using Intel Pentium 4 computer. Untuned Java code is approximately two times slower then analogous C code. It is shown that code tuning with the use of blocking technique can provide Java/C performance ratio 90% for the LDU solution of fi nite element equations. Java performance for PCG iterative solution algorithm tuned by inner loop unrolling is 75% of the C code. We recommend using Java Virtual Machine JVM 1.2 since in many cases it is considerably faster in finite element computations than JVMs 1.3 and 1.4.

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