Defect Classification in Component based Software

M.R. Narasimhamurthy, N. Koppalkar, and A. Bhowmick (India)


Defect Types, Defect Classification, Quality Assurance,Software Standards, Problem Reports


Software is usually the most expensive item in computer systems. It is also well documented that the earlier within the software life cycle a problem is discovered, the cheaper it is to fix. This encourages the use of tools, techniques and methodologies to find problems sooner. A well-classified defect data is necessary to evaluate how well these tools, techniques and methodologies work. The classification of software defects plays an important role in measurement-based process and product improvement. Without a rational taxonomy, one does not know how effective his/her testing has been, and worse, does not know how worn out his/her test suite is. It is felt that the categorization of defects needs more clarity and granularity. Granularity will help to localize a defect quickly and clarity of the defect type will help to quickly assess the needed fix. We present in this experience report, such a defect classification framework.

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