ISO/IEC SQuaRE. The Second Generation of Standards for Software Product Quality

W. Suryn, A. Abran, and A. April (Canada)


Software product quality, software product life cycle, quality measurement, quality evaluation, ISO/IEC 9126, ISO/IEC SQuaRE


Quality needs for both customer and software supplier have become more complex and critical than ever. This paper presents the current ISO software products and process quality standards and our positioning of these standards as software quality engineering instruments, including the phases of product development to which they map. The first generation of these product-related and process-related standards are currently in their final ISO publication stage but, having been developed independently, their usage by practitioners will be particularly challenging. While ISO software experts are already at work defining strategies to develop the next generation of these standards, help is needed by practitioners to understand, deploy and leverage ISO standards that are now becoming available to them. This paper addresses first the immediate need for integrating these process and product related standards in the development process through our quality engineering approach which maps them at the detailed level of the life cycle. Then, work in progress at the ISO level to develop the next generation of these software quality related standards is presented.

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