A Two-Model Framework for Multimodal Presentation with Life-like Characters in Flash Medium

Z. Yang, N. Arturo, A. Jatowt, and M. Ishizuka (Japan)


Multimedia Systems, Presentation Markup Language, Life-like Agent


Multimodal presentation using interactive life-like agents is an attractive and effective way to edify, assist and guide the users. However, it is not easy for many people to write such multimodal presentations, due to the complexity of describing various behaviors of character agents and their interaction of particular character system with individual (often low-level) description language. As part of our research, we have developed MPML (Multimodal Presentation Markup Language), which allows the users to write multimodal contents with ease. By extending MPML, we have proposed a new framework for an interactive system that fulfills multimodal presentation through script-based and character-based models in Flash medium.

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