The CUP Project: Component Unified Process

E. Renaux, O. Caron, and J.M. Geib (France)


Software Design and Development, Methodology, Compo nents, Models, MDA


Today, the software industry recommends a component driven approach, because a component based solution is supposed to support easiness, flexibility, robustness, and especially re-usability. Also, there are more and more tech nological component oriented solutions such as Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), CORBA Component Model (CCM), and Microsoft .Net. However, component driven methodolog ical process does not exist yet. Current processes such as Rational Unified Process, are object-oriented. The first steps of these processes do not include the concept of com ponent. Thus, the detection and the reusability of exist ing components are more difficult, even though the compo nent's characteristics are often considered as natural. As a proof of this : do Enterprise Java Beans components off the shelf exist ? We propose the Component Unified Process (CUP) project. This one provides an architecture of models which supports a component driven process. Since the concept of component is central within all the models used in the soft ware life cycle, this architecture specifies transverse com ponent model. Component's identification at the first stages improves re-usability of components. Beside, CUP archi tecture brings a structured guide to model-driven construc tion of components, it also allows inter-model consistency checks. According to the Model Driven Architecture (MDA), CUP architecture is technological platform independent and allows translation of our components towards one or more specific target platforms.

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