Communicating Modeling Language

S. Rezaei (Canada)


Modeling Language, Software Engineering, Computational Linguistics, UML


In this work we introduce a formal modeling language for representing Interacting processes. We formalize the no tions of process, communication, competition and tempo ral constraints by mathematical linguistic models. These linguistic processes can compete with each other for lim ited resources and they can evolve or die. A set of temporal constraints impose restrictions on competition among these processes. By adopting a categorical framework, we spec ify a grammar of interacting processes. The work uses dif ferent aspects of categorical grammars such as CG, CCG and pregroup grammars as well as phrase structure gram mars. We have used the grammar for modeling linguistic domains as well as non-linguistic domains. In this work we use the grammar for representing the problem of "Din ing philosophers" in Computer Science. Current work for network design and modeling UML in software engineer ing is under development.

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