Six Key Strategies for Managing the IT Infrastructure

J. Feliu (USA)


Infrastructure, Management, Engineering, Operations, Technology, Computer


In this paper, I will provide a framework to help the IT Executive ensure that the necessary components of the IT operating infrastructure are being managed appropriately by his or her staff. I hope to drive home the simple point of this paper the day-to-day execution of the fundamental tasks of IT can be an asset and not a liability to the success of an IT executive. As you read further, you will learn what are the essential components of operating the organizational IT infrastructure. I have identified six focus areas for the IT executive: Capacity Planning Change Management Disaster Recovery Planning High Availability Problem Management Security Planning These areas form the foundation for a broader strategy presented in my chapter of the book CIO Wisdom Best Practices From Silicon Valley's Leading IT Experts. [1] For each focus area I provide the following: a) Description what are the essential elements of the topic b) Benefit why it is important c) First Steps what can you do NOW to get started and show immediate results

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